Why start with this?

Well, firstly, it’s my half-assed attempt at a disclaimer, and secondly…

Why not?

I suppose what really spurred this commentary is the fact that, as a producer of fine (literary) art, the subjects of what I produce are often conflated with my own personal mores. For example, I’ve discussed with my aunt whether or not a work can be considered Christian and have, let’s say, a curse word or two. Or someone getting hurt. Or a reference to human sexuality. Furthermore, can one still be a Christian person and write such things?

Naturally, I came down on the side that any variety of things may be depicted in an artwork by a Christian–scribbling something on a piece of paper coming out of a character’s mouth doesn’t mean that you wholeheartedly approve of it. Once I mentioned that the Bible itself (which both I and her believe is true, mind you) contains a fair amount of deviant sexuality, gruesome violence and virulent imprecations, she pondered this for a moment and then responded: “Well, it’s still a catharsis of some sort.”

Do tell! 0_0

But seriously… the clothes don’t make the man, and neither should the parts absolutely define the whole. And now, with that said, I am hereby no longer responsible for corrupting your minds with whatever oddities I find and discuss in this weird and wacky world of ours. I promise to be fair, bal… make that opinionated, and somewhat entertaining. Now that you know what you’re in for… enjoy! ^^